These openings are  considered to be my favorites and most of these songs are found on my IPO-I mean PSP. When I first find an anime series that I have an interest in I look up the opening to get the feel of the series. Most of the time I am successful and about 60% I end up failing. These 5 are considered to be my favorite and I love them with all of my black hole (heart).  And these are in no particular order.

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Hello world!

February 1, 2010

Hello world, or whoever ends up reading this. It’s Tuesday night, I am typing 1 handed (ice is my enemy), and I am semi-sort of buzzed off of Rum and Coke. This blog post is more of a test post and has NOTHING TO DO ABOUT ANIME!!! I’m still debating on what my first official blog post will be, I’m thinking it is going to be about Katekyo Hitman Reborn (THE Shonen series I am watching). I think that’s about it…yeah I’m heading out. I hope you all enjoy the title, it took a LOOONG time to think up.