Impressions: No. 6 has been an interesting series thus far. I’m enjoying the whole setting of this series; futurisitic, 1984 esque. You can never go wrong with a series that’s being produced by Bones, in the end you are always given something that’s enjoyable on so many levels…unlike Gonzo…

So, the futuristic setting is awesome. I like how everything seems perfect but yet if you dig deeper, it’s not. There’s ugliness in the beauty. Shion notices it and everything starts to crumble around him. N0.6 is hiding something big.

I didn’t like Shion at first, but he eventually grew on me. I’m not the biggest fans of the naive characters, mostlybecause once they get thrown into the real world they bitch and complain about everything. But once he resuced Nezumi I figured that he wasn’t such an annoying character after all, he’s an exception to the naive character cliche. Nezumi is an interesting character too, I really don’t know what to think of him. At times it seems he harbors a little brother complex towards Shion. ┬áIt’s amusing at times.

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