About Me

Hello, I am the creator of this site! I’ve been an anime fan since the days of G-Force (oh yeah, gotta love the censored stuff) and Robot Carnival. To those of you who need an exact date I would say anywhere between 1995-1996. So I’ve been an anime fan for awhile. This site is me talking/discussing/ranting about anime series (reviewing) I have seen.

Other stuff about me

I’m from Texas, I hate Texas, and I’m a theatre major pursuing play writing.

We’re going to see how this site goes, I hope it goes really well. [/famous last words]

Some other random things you need to know about this creator guy.

I whisper in intalics, I curse in bold and I scream and yell in ALL CAPS!”

Contact information.

Follow me on Twitter (because that’s where all the cool people are at). If you need my email for any particular reason than I shall give it to you (I’m not sure if it’s even posted here on the site). I love feedback also, if you have any comments or suggestions that would make this site better than just post them. I’m a theatre major (ex music major) so I accept criticism quite well. I also have a MyAnimeList account as well.

Also, if you have any requests (you want me to watch/review an anime series, or write about a certain topic) than fire away. I already have a couple of requests so be on the lookout for them in the near future.


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