No. 6 03-Tales of Macbeth

July 23, 2011

Impressions: No. 6 has been an interesting series thus far. I’m enjoying the whole setting of this series; futurisitic, 1984 esque. You can never go wrong with a series that’s being produced by Bones, in the end you are always given something that’s enjoyable on so many levels…unlike Gonzo…

So, the futuristic setting is awesome. I like how everything seems perfect but yet if you dig deeper, it’s not. There’s ugliness in the beauty. Shion notices it and everything starts to crumble around him. N0.6 is hiding something big.

I didn’t like Shion at first, but he eventually grew on me. I’m not the biggest fans of the naive characters, mostlybecause once they get thrown into the real world they bitch and complain about everything. But once he resuced Nezumi I figured that he wasn’t such an annoying character after all, he’s an exception to the naive character cliche. Nezumi is an interesting character too, I really don’t know what to think of him. At times it seems he harbors a little brother complex towards Shion.  It’s amusing at times.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode mostly because of the theatrical references (theatre major). The mentions of Oscar Wilde and Macbeth bring back so many memories, especially Macbeth (at times I loved being in that play, and I times I hated being in that play).

Shion finally got the white hair, I was really wondering how that was going to come into play and that brings me to the whole bee infection thing. I’m beginning to think that the people behind No.6 are the people behind the mysterious deaths that happened in the earlier episodes (it seems obvious to me at least).  I hope he gets a chance to see his mom again, although I think it’s highly doubtful. The escape from No.6 reminded me of Ergo Proxy, when Re-l, Pino and Vincent escaped from Romdo…only the outside of No.6 didn’t look as dead as the outside of Romdo looked. I hope we get to meet some characters that are ‘inside the system’ soon.

I’m curious to see what Shion’s going to do about his friends and family that are still inside No.6 who are in danger of the mysterious killer bees. I also wonder what’s going to happen to his mother. I also wonder how that will affect his relationship with Nezumi. Speaking of which, I’m in love with the rats and how they are used as communication.

Bees and wasps scare the crap out of me.


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