My Top 5 Anime Openings.

March 8, 2010

These openings are  considered to be my favorites and most of these songs are found on my IPO-I mean PSP. When I first find an anime series that I have an interest in I look up the opening to get the feel of the series. Most of the time I am successful and about 60% I end up failing. These 5 are considered to be my favorite and I love them with all of my black hole (heart).  And these are in no particular order.

Let’s start out with the obvious, Baccano! Baccano is my favorite series (though it’s in danger of getting dethroned at the moment). When I first came across Baccano I wasn’t expecting that crazy of an opening. An introduction to over a dozen characters was all it took to get me hooked. Believe it or not there is a video lurking out there on youtube that has the non-instrumental version of Guns and Roses (aka, with lyrics). It’s actually a pretty nice/catchy song.

This is the reason I got into Code Geass in the first place. My friend was a HUGE fan and he was like “OMG! Aaron you have to watch this video. It is going to get you hooked into the Code Geass franchise. ” And it eventually did, his mission was completed. What I really liked about this opening though was that it was a complete, crazy ass mess (which I later found out pretty much signified Code Geass R2). It had CRAZY action, it introduced way too many characters (Baccano was manageable) and it did this with a really catchy J-Rock song that will always remain on my PSP. It was gold in my book, thank you Code Geass. Also another thing I found funny with R2 was the 2nd OP line “Everything is -FABULOOOOOUS-.” Thank you gg fansubs, you guys are crazy.

Gankutsuou was such a special series, the opening song managed to bring a tear to my eye every time I heard it. The opening song also doesn’t spoil a lot of the art style (which is SPECIAL).

Maaya Sakamoto, enough said. Her songs are very beautiful and they also move me to tears (especially Wolf’s Rain). This was another instance where the OP hooked me into the series…sadly I had to wait a good 4 years before I really got into the storyline. Rahxephon was one of those series that I wanted to own. My favorite part of the opening was the change of pace, it always gives me goosebumps (music nerd).

I’m saving the best for last.

…….I’m pretty sure some of you are completely speechless, or you are laughing your butt off. Let me leave with this statement  “Any shred of insanity that people have seen come out of me…blame it completely on Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.”


2 Responses to “My Top 5 Anime Openings.”

  1. Yumeka said

    Hmm, pretty unique top 5. The RahXephon opening is a classic, especially the song.

  2. Shinmaru said

    Kare Kano’s OP is my personal favorite — fantastic blend of great animation and an awesome song.

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